About Protect Your Transaction

The Protect Your Transaction (PYT) Commitment to Service represents a pledge to provide unparalleled service and the highest level of protection in the mortgage industry. It is the mission of PYT to offer an unwavering commitment as you or your client embark on one of life’s major milestones – buying or selling a home!

Protect Your Transaction develops unsurpassed confidence through the PYT Loan Commitment. A PYT Loan Commitment moves beyond the industry standard pre-qualification and pre-approval, by underwriting upfront and safeguarding financing with a monetary assurance.

A PYT Loan Commitment gives prospective Buyers peace of mind that they will be able to purchase their dream home. While reducing the Seller’s anxiety in taking their home off the market.

The Protect Your Transaction Process

Step 1:

Gather paperwork to get a PYT Loan Commitment. We’ve done the heavy lifting upfront – and underwriter has seen the buyers information. With PYT, buyers exactly what they can afford!

Step 2:

With the PYT Loan Commitment in hand, the house hunting process is a breeze. Purchasing a home should be exciting, and with PYT buyers can dream big with confidence.

Step 3:

The seller and their agent enjoy the confidence boost of knowing an underwriter has given the go ahead on the financing of this offer!

Step 4:

All that is left to complete is the appraisal and title. Everyone involved arrives at closing day with peace of mind!