Protect Your Transaction® FAQ

Does Protect Your Transaction cost anything?
When is the PYT Loan Commitment issued?
Is the PYT Assurance a taxable event if paid to the buyer?
Why would a PYT Loan Commitment be cancelled?
What would cause a PYT Loan Commitment to not be issued?
When does a Protect Your Transaction Loan Commitment expire?
How do I get my PYT Loan Commitment?
What property types are excluded from the PYT program?
Why wouldn't I receive a PYT Loan Commitment?
Why would I assign the assurance to the seller?
What can disqualify me from PYT as the seller?
I received an offer with PYT Loan Commitment. What's next?
Do I get the monetary assurance as the seller if the closing fails?
I want to make sure potential buyers have a PYT Loan Commitment. What should I do?
Why is a PYT Loan Commitment so powerful?