What is Protect Your Transaction?

We think getting a mortgage is a pretty big deal! So why not dream big with confidence. Protect Your Transaction moves beyond the industry standard prequalification and preapproval. PYT is an underwritten preapproval that safeguards financing with a monetary assurance. That's right! A monetary assurance - which represents the lender's belief in the strength of the borrowers financing! Next to a cash offer, PYT provides the greatest assurance that the lender can provide, secure financing.


Leverage your offer with a PYT Loan Commitment! Before a single offer is placed, we’ve done the heavy lifting! Being underwritten upfront will help you get to the closing table with confidence. Find out more about PYT!

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You deserve peace of mind when selling your home. When an offer is submitted with a PYT loan Commitment, you can move your plans forward with confidence. Find out how to make sure your transaction is protected!

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Want to work with a Lender that is committed to doing a great job and backs up that commitment with financial assurance? Find out more about PYT!

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Win deals. Close with confidence. Eliminate stress and uncertainty. PYT does all that for you while giving your clients the experience they deserve when buying their dream home!

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